Full Time Students

Eight or more hours of instruction a week. Full Curriculum Support.

Students with eight or more hours of sessions per subject per week are considered "Full Time" students at Bridge Builder Academy. This typically means full curriculum support and full student status and privileges. The full time curriculum varies for k-8th based on student need, and fully accredited Texas Tech University ISD K-12, and University of Nebraska Lincoln High School 9th-12th curriculum options are also available for diploma track and credit recovery plans.

We develop curriculum plans based upon individual student needs, and since all of our students are different, so is every plan. We have six general types of students at BBA based on age and curriculum needs. Our students range from the extremely gifted to those needing subject intervention to the "twice exceptional" who require both. The one thing that ALL our students have in common though is a need or desire for one-on-one instruction.


Have you ever considered how much time is wasted in a typical classroom setting on any given day? Bridge Builder students are keenly aware of how much time they can reclaim by being enrolled full time at BBA. Students enrolled at Bridge Builder Academy only spend two or more session hours per subject per week with a teacher through a process called curriculum compacting. Our program includes full curriculum support and full student status and privileges. It is ideal for the career kid, gifted "underachiever" bored with school, those with ADD/ADHD, learning differences of all kinds, and any other student who wants targeted compacted instruction geared to them.

Our students always have the option of finishing more credits in less time than regular schools since our students are required to spend only two to three hours of instruction time per subject per week, which means they either spend less time during the day in class or spend less days during the year for their credits and sometimes both. BBA secondary students often use our one-on-one instruction to acquire the number of credits they need to graduate early or with minimal daily instructional hours, half days and/or three day weekends - all in order to free up their schedule for work and other activities!

We know that our students can achieve more in one session of one-on-one instruction than spending a week in a classroom full of students. In fact we guarantee it! Our students usually finish a .5 credit hour semester course in 36 instructional hours, and five or more courses in as little as 180 hours a semester. Most students are required to do 1 to 2 hours of homework daily, whereas some students choose the option of doing all their academic work (including independent practice) in school.