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Gifted Students

Get the best education for your student

Reduce Boredom

Reignite Curiosity

Become Self Motivated

Bored young male student with book on head

School shouldn't be tedious and boring.

Students should be engaged
and motivated to learn.

How do you make school engaging?


Pre-testing for knowledge and proficiency allows students to skip those units in which mastery is demonstrated, then moving on to more challenging content.


Acceleration grants a student the flexibility to work at a higher level across all subjects or just select subjects where they are particularly advanced.

Dual Credit

Students earn high school credit while also earning college credit for the same class, because the content is delivered at the college level.

Gifted student writing on dry erase board
Teacher and student at table with laptop and paper

Challenging Curriculum

For gifted students having a challenging curriculum is vital to their growth as a student.

At Bridge Builder Academy we can hand pick the curriculum that will benefit your student and motivate them to continue learning.

Individualized Paced Instruction

Working at their own pace, whether that is accelerated or slowed down, permits the student to take control of their education resulting in a renewed passion for learning.

One-on-one instruction at Bridge Builder Academy provides the environment for your student to partner with you and their teachers to chart the course for their future.

STEM Focused Learning

STEM education creates critical thinkers, increases science literacy, and enables the next generation of innovators.

Bridge Builder Academy provides project based learning to promote STEM concepts and help students excel in the four core subjects.

Check out our 2021-2022 NASA Hunch project

Twice Exceptional (2e)

2e refers to gifted students who have some form of disability.  These students are considered exceptional both because of their giftedness (e.g., intellectual, creative, perceptual, motor etc.) and because of their special needs (e.g. visual processing disorder, dyslexia, dysgraphia, ADHD, etc.)

The ability to provide accommodations for the special need while still being able to accelerate the learning, makes Bridge Builder Academy the ideal environment to help 2e students excel.

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Two Bridge Builder Academy students sharing laptop

Admissions & Enrollment

Step 1

Information Meeting

Step 3

Review the Plan

Step 2


Step 4

Begin Classes

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Most people know at least one student whose unique needs are not being met by the traditional education system.  At Bridge Builder Academy we customize all aspects of a student's education to ensure that they are able to reach their full potential.

1221 W Campbell Rd, Suite 209
Richardson, TX 75080

Call: 972-516-8844

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