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What people are saying about us

The teachers are nurturing and loving while providing the structure and guidance my student needs.  The one on one class ensures excellent involvement between child and teacher.  I have been impressed with the level of feedback and

overall communication.

Thank you BBA for being there for my child.

Razeena (parent)


"When people ask me about BBA and my students I can’t help but smile! I tell them that there is nothing comparable to the individualized academic and emotional support our school provides. As a teacher, it brings me joy to watch my students confidence grow each day! Being able to teach one on one allows me to get to know what works for each student based on their learning style and interests. The students begin to enjoy learning, and look forward to coming to school!"

 Language Arts Teacher


"We arrived at Bridge Builder Academy cautious because of the experience we had in the public school system.  We immediately realized it was going to be so much better.  BBA doesn't try to fit your child into their mold of how they think it would be best to learn.  They customize each child's curriculum to fit THEIR needs and goals to help them succeed, no matter how big or small the successes are.  BBA has great communication with the parents along the way letting us know how class sessions are going, what is going great and what we can help work on at home.  They are constantly reevaluating the best methods to teach the child to their top ability, in the way each individual child learns. 


BBA has given us the hope back that we lost while in the public school system.  My son will succeed and thrive!"

Rachel (parent)


The best testimony I can give is that after picking up our daughter's materials, we got in the car and she said "I've never been so excited to go back to school."  You all truely know how to cultivate the love of learning in these kids.  Thank you! We haven't seen that in our daughter in a really long time!"

Kim H (parent)


"By second grade our son hated school and did not believe he could learn.  Within the first semester at Bridge Builder Academy, he changed his own narrative to "this school teaches me the way I learn".  Four years later he is ready to try a group environment again and has the confidence that he can keep up with his classmates."

Tim (parent)

Teaching at Bridge Builder Academy is nothing short of a dream opportunity!  Since working here I have experienced more collaboration amongst coworkers and administrators than I have in any other work environment I’ve been in.  Whenever there is a need for a student or staff member we all come together as a family to support them in any way that we can.  Our administration truly trusts us to teach the way that our students need to be taught, even if our ideas are out of the box ideas!  Hands down BBA is the best place to be a teacher!

Sarah (Teacher of the Year 2020)
pictured with the 2021 Teacher of the year

Close up of student in graduation gown holding graduation hat with tassle

“Bridge Builder Academy has changed my son’s life.  Before Bridge Builder Academy my son didn’t enjoy school and thought he wasn’t smart.  My son graduated high school at BBA, then went on to graduate from UTA and loves learning.  WOW!  What a transformation, and it’s all because of the passionate teachers and devoted staff that my son knows that his learning differences do not have to hold him back.”
– State of Texas District Judges Ray and Cynthia Wheless

Student graduated from BBA in 2016 and UTA in 2020

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