Learning Environments

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Safe Environment

Direct Interaction and Monitoring

Remote Learning


Students should not be limited to a large classroom format as the only option for receiving an education.

Learning environments ought to include a variety of options.


On Campus

Classrooms are designed for one-on-one instruction.  Other group areas are deigned for small groups of 3 - 5 students.

This allows students to feel safe without the pressure of a large group of students watching them work, while also providing them with an environment that has fewer distractions.


In Your Home

Having your students sessions done in your home offers convenience, a comfortable setting for your student and added safety.

When a student feels comfortable and safe they can begin to relax and their brains can engage in the process of learning.

Classmates in the Library

At a Local Library

Meeting with the teacher at a local library offers the flexibility of a quiet public place with work areas, that might be more convenient for both you and the teacher.

This option also allows the student to access additional resources for their studies.

Child on Tablet

Online Digital Platform

Our teachers are trained to deliver one-on-one instruction using a digital format as well as in person.  With all instruction being done one-on-one your student will have the benefit of focused attention and a customized curriculum.

Online instruction provides more scheduling options and eliminates transportation issues; freeing up more time for other things your family needs to spend time on.

Admissions & Enrollment

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Information Meeting

Step 3

Review the Plan

Step 2


Step 4

Begin Classes

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Most people know of at least one student whose unique needs are not being met by the traditional education system.  Bridge Builder Academy customizes all aspects of a student's education to ensure that they are able to reach their full potential.

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