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Balanced Objectives

Academic Commitment

Manageable Schedule


Students should not have to choose between the pursuit of a passion and their academic education.

Education should be flexible enough to pursue a passion, while still learning.

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Parallel Goals

Setting and achieving academic goals is as important as succeeding in athletic and artistic talents.


Flexible Program

Find the right days of the week, number of days each week, and time of day that fits your student's schedule.

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Educational Responsibility

Students have the opportunity to apply the same discipline they use in other areas to their academic studies.

Athletic Training

Students who are gifted athletically often pursue those talents outside of the traditional education system.  This can leave them struggling to balance their training with acquiring their primary education at the same time.

Bridge Builder Academy can provide the academic piece while working around a training schedule, so that the student can receive both without compromising one or the other.

Girl Practicing Gymnastics

Acting / Modeling / Theatre

Child actors and models have to be ready to rehearse and perform when they get the call.  This schedule often times conflicts with the traditional school schedule.

Being able to answer the call is the flexibility Bridge Builder Academy offers for these talented students.

Family Travel

Does your family travel often?  Maybe your travel is to receive medial treatment, for competitions, taking care of a loved one, or business reasons.

We can help you ensure that your student continues to receive the academic instruction they need, while still allowing your family to have the flexibility you desire.

Doctor's Appointment

Medically Fragile

Children who suffer from immune issues, have had a TBI (traumatic brain injury), or are dealing with other medical issues still need to receive academic instruction.


Granting them the ability to work at home or in a smaller environment, work for shorter periods of time, work at their own pace, and customize their learning to fit their needs ensures that they can still be a successful student.

We can partner with you to provide the resources to make sure your student receives the academic instruction they need.

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Admissions & Enrollment

Step 1

Information Meeting

Step 3

Review the Plan

Step 2


Step 4

Begin Classes

Most people know at least one student whose unique needs are not being met by the traditional education system.  Bridge Builder Academy customizes all aspects of a student's education to ensure that they are able to reach their full potential.

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